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Workshop Modules 

The modules listed below are available to teach within a tailored In-House workshop (with the exception of some modules only offered online^). A full day workshop consists of 2-4 modules.

'The Essentials of Science Writing' is the introductory module for all workshops and includes the fundamentals of the Writing Clear Science teaching program. 

Writing & Editing

The Essentials of Writing Clear Science
- The fundamentals of science writing
- Common writing problems & obstacles
- Identifying your audience & purpose
- Prioritising the writing process
- Seeking & receiving feedback
Sentence and Paragraph Structure
- How to design clear sentences
- How to use commas correctly
- How to design clear paragraphs
Ensuring accuracy, clarity & brevity
- Correcting ambiguous writing
- Using appropriate language & detail
- Using consistent terminology
- Removing repetition & redundancy
- How to write succinctly
Writing for a non-technical audience
- The principles of writing in plain English
- Appropriate language and level of detail
- Simplifying content without compromising     the science message
- Tactics to engage your audience
Writing Presentations 
 Writing your oral presentation
      - Audience & purpose
      - The outline & content 
 Writing your digital presentation
      - Design according to time & topic
      - Effective presentation design
Writing science blogs
 - How blogging improves your profile
 - Choosing blog & promotion platforms
 - Designing your blog structure
 - Choosing topics for blog posts

Document Design

Publishing your research  
- Catering to your target audience
- Clarifying your aim & objectives
- Identifying your research community
- Introducing your project
- Citing the appropriate literature
- Presenting methods & results
- Discussing your findings

How to write & structure your PhD
- Project management skills 
- Importance of critical thinking
- Writing your literature review  
- Developing your thesis statement
- Thesis construction with research papers
Clarifying your research problem
- Critical thinking for effective writing
- How to cater to your target audience
- How to clarify your aim & objectives
-  "What's your problem?" (Hurley 2012)

The basics of report structure
The essentials of:  
  - Standard report sections (IMRD)  
  - The abstract or executive summary   
  - Figures, tables & appendices
  - Referencing, citation & bibliography

Writing science reports (Advanced)
- How to design & write:  
    > Abstract & executive summaries  
    > The introduction  
    > Methods & materials, methodology  
    > Results & discussion  
    > Conclusions & recommendations
- Reference lists & Appendices
- Effective template structure
- How to reference & cite your sources

Project Management

Project management for writers
- Choosing the best management tools
- Creating a Document Preparation Plan
- Managing the writing process
- Developing effective writing routines
- Managing the document review process
- Working effectively with co-authors
 How to be an Efficient Writer 

Module 1: What to do before you start

- How to define or clarify your project aim
- The priorities of science writing
- How to develop efficient reading, citation and note-taking habits
- How to effectively manage your writing time

Module 2: Getting started

- How to plan the stages of document production
- How to identify the target audience and purpose
- How to align project design with document structure
- How to produce a content-rich first draft

Module 3: How to manage the writing process
- How to prioritise the writing process
- How to critically evaluate your writing
- How to seek and respond to feedback

Module 4: Course wrap-up
- How to maintain effective document version control
- How to monitor your writing productivity
- Course recap and additional resources

How to get started
 - Planning before you write
 - Monitoring your writing behaviour
 - Avoiding procrastination
 - Avoiding perfectionism

Online writing course

How to be an Efficient (Science) Writer

Click here for full course description, membership details and booking links

Learn how to:
- Get your thoughts down quickly
- Manage your time effectively
- Avoid distraction and procrastination
-12 month access to course library 
- Self-study membership ($145 incl. GST) is now open for bookings
- Premium membership ($425 incl. GST) - next release is 28th October 2021 (Bookings close 21st October)
CONTACT US for further information

In-House workshops

Face-to-face writing workshops

Due to Covid restrictions, currently only available within Victoria

- Short lectures followed by exercises and discussions. 
Tailored for your organisation, current projects and learning needs.
- 14 modules to choose from
- Pre-assessment of learning needs
- Writing exercises tailored for projects 
 - Flat fee plus (max 15) with capped expenses

CONTACT US for further information

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