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The aim of the Writing Clear Science teaching program is to assist science professionals to produce high-quality documents and to permanently improve their writing skills.  

Dr Marina Hurley teaches how to write clearly and succinctly, without sacrificing scientific accuracy. Marina also helps you overcome your writing obstacles, improve your writing productivity and enhance your project management skills.

Online writing course

How to be an Efficient (Science) Writer

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Learn how to:
- Get your thoughts down quickly
- Manage your time effectively
- Avoid distraction and procrastination
-12 month access to course library 
- Self-study enrolment ($145 incl. GST) is now open for bookings
- Premium enrolment ($425 incl. GST) - next release is 28th October 2021 (Bookings close 21st October)
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In-House workshops

Face-to-face writing workshops

Due to Covid restrictions, currently only available within Victoria

- Short lectures followed by exercises and discussions. 
Tailored for your organisation, current projects and learning needs.
- 14 modules to choose from
- Pre-assessment of learning needs
- Writing exercises tailored for projects 
 - Flat fee plus (max 15) with capped expenses

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"While authoring scientific reports as a consultant ecologist for over ten years, I always found it challenging to balance efficient reporting with high-quality outputs. The How to be an Efficient Writer course has given me great confidence in this pursuit. The course provided me with a robust toolset that is delivered within a clear and straight-forward framework, which emphasises key science-writing principles. I now take a more structured approach to writing tasks and have a much clearer idea of the time required to deliver high quality writing products. I recommend the course to both early and mature professionals looking to build their skills from scratch, and those looking to sharpen their current approach to science writing.  Marina, thanks again for providing such a great course. I really enjoyed the webinars/lectures and think the materials will serve me well for the rest of my career. I’m now trying to build the techniques into my standard practice as a matter of habit and routine."

Geordie Scott-Walker, Consultant Ecologist

"I completed ‘How to be an efficient writer’ in the first year of my PhD. Prior to the course, I ticked every box for inefficiency and felt I needed help. I credit Marina for teaching me, step by step, the skill of producing a scientific document in a time frame expected at a professional level. I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained and have continued to use for every writing project since."

Clancy Hall, Research Scientist

"...when I went through the course, I absolutely enjoyed it and I wished I knew about it earlier! Your teaching did so much good beyond what I believed it would bring into my life. Above all, your teaching has helped me develop my confidence and has been a huge transformation for me with my current working environment. Writing has been an ongoing struggle for me but, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that your teaching has been an invaluable tool, not only to help me with my writing, but also with my general communication. In the grand scheme of things, my struggles are more manageable and life in the workplace has become less daunting. I will definitely recommend this writing course!"

Manjeeti Juggernauth, Marine Biologist

"The How to be an Efficient Writer course has given me the tips I needed to get over that initial hurdle to just start writing. I now use things I learnt in the course almost everyday and I feel less dread when it comes to writing. Highly recommended."

Roxanne Francis, Research Scientist

"Your workshop really helped me brain storm ideas before I started to write so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the amount of thoughts and information I needed to incorporate into reports. A course well worth the time. No hesitation to recommend."

Sherine Jansz

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Dr Marina Hurley

About the facilitator

Formerly an ecologist, since 2005 Dr Marina Hurley has specialised in teaching scientific and professional writing through her Writing Clear Science training consultancy. Marina is a Visiting Fellow at UNSW, teaching science writing to PhD students and staff. Based in Melbourne, Marina regularly travels across Australia to deliver workshops.    au.linkedin.com/in/marinahurley/

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