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Dr Marina Hurley
Creator & facilitator of Writing Clear Science

Formerly an ecologist, since 2005 Dr Marina Hurley has specialised in teaching scientific and professional writing through her Writing Clear Science training consultancy. Marina is a Visiting Fellow at UNSW, teaching science writing to PhD students and staff. Based in Melbourne, Marina regularly travels across Australia to deliver workshops.    au.linkedin.com/in/marinahurley/

Marina's Teaching Background

Marina has an exceptionally clear understanding of the link between clear thinking and clear writing and has developed her unique approach of teaching science writing into the Writing Clear Science Writing Workshops. Marina’s article “What’s Your Problem? – A practical approach to document design” (Writing Matters 2012), is based upon a popular workshop exercise that she developed in 2005. Since then Marina has run over 150 writing workshops. Marina also lectured Entomology at the School of Agricultural Science (University of Tasmania)  from 1997-2000

Marina is a member of Australian Science Communicators, the Australian Ecological Society and the Australian Medical Writers Association.    au.linkedin.com/in/marinahurley/

Marina's Research Background

Marina Hurley has a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in Zoology from James Cook University and has twenty years experience working in a diverse range of scientific fields including Entomology, Ecology, Botany, Zoology, Archaeology, Freshwater Ecology, Rainforest Ecology, Forestry and Farm Forestry.

Marina is well-known for her research on stinging trees. In 1989, Marina’s passion for the rainforest lead her to bury herself in the undergrowth of the rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands (North Queensland) for three years, where she completed her fieldwork for her PhD on Stinging Trees (Dendrocnide). (You can read more about Marina's stinging trees from her Conversation and Ecos articles ).


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"I completed ‘How to be an efficient writer’ in the first year of my PhD. Prior to the course, I ticked every box for inefficiency and felt I needed help. I credit Marina for teaching me, step by step, the skill of producing a scientific document in a time frame expected at a professional level. I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained and have continued to use for every writing project since."

Clancy Hall

"The How to be an Efficient Writer course has given me the tips I needed to get over that initial hurdle to just start writing. I now use things I learnt in the course almost everyday and I feel less dread when it comes to writing. Highly recommended."

Roxanne Francis

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