Who can attend?

– People from all science backgrounds and with different levels of writing experience will benefit from our workshops.

– The minimum expectation is that participants have some science training, experience working in a scientific field or understanding of scientific principles.

The facilitator

The workshops are designed and facilitated by Dr Marina Hurley. Drawing on her experience as a writer, lecturer, research scientist and workshop facilitator, Dr Hurley has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to the teaching of science writing that participants find inspiring. Please refer to Testimonials for workshop feedback.

What writing problems do the workshops cover?

Different people have different types of writing challenges. Many people can be productive writers but still struggle with a range of different writing problems. Our workshops are designed to be flexible to meet the different needs. For example we have people who attend who:

– have experience writing highly technical papers for peer-reviewed journals but still have difficulty writing clearly and succinctly.

– frequently write scientific reports but find publishing a paper a daunting prospect.

– write regularly and frequently but worry that they waste too much time editing and rewriting.

– have considerable experience conducting research but find it difficult to others outside their field.

– have good communication skills, but limited experience with scientific writing.

What is not covered in our workshops

We do not teach writing for a specific field of science. We present science writing from a broad perspective, that caters for all types of science and evidence-based writing.

We do not teach a particular type of report writing. We review the essential elements of report writing that are entrenched in the scientific method (IMRD): Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion. From this basic template we discuss how to design different types of documents according to the needs of the writer and their audience. However we are able to tailor In-House Workshops according to discipline- and institution-specific reporting needs. Please contact us for further information.

We do not teach detailed rules of grammar. We review sentence structure through analysing clause structure and cover the essential rules of punctuation.