Anonymous feedback from evaluation surveys

– ‘A difficult topic presented well. A no nonsense approach that is well structured and builds on itself over the two days. I got a great deal out of this. Thank you.’

– ‘An excellent workshop. I gained a lot of valuable information. The course was presented well by an enthusiastic trainer with outstanding knowledge of the topics.’

– ‘A stimulating and challenging workshop. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and communicate with scientists from other disciplines.’

– ‘An excellent and extremely relevant workshop that was tailored to everyone in the workshop. Great handouts for future reference.’

– ‘Good exercises to reinforce learning; good to edit other people’s work; good to network with others (particularly outside our own field).’

– ‘Excellent balance of practical and theory. The workshop was run at at a good pace and flowed well. Good amount of breaks.’

– ‘It was a great two days. I wish I could have longer. I think everyone should do it.’

– ‘I found it extremely useful. I got to think of my writing problems from the perspective I was not fully aware of. The information given was useful, well presented and the activities helped in fixing in my memory the concepts previously discussed.’

– ‘Everyone had a chance to explain and give ideas – that is very admirable. The presentation style is professional and easy to understand, no confusion in anything. I highly recommend this course for undergraduates to scientists.’

– ‘The workshop provides useful tools and skills that can be applied a.s.a.p. It gives a comprehensive overview of the scientific writing process.’

– ‘Thank you for the brilliant writing course. …I am looking forward to practicing the writing skills I gained during the workshop.’

– ‘I will undertake writing with more confidence. I will apply the strategies tonight!’

– ‘I would suggest that all institutes send their new staff to this workshop.’

– ‘There was a variety of useful topics covered regarding written work, but many of the concepts will be useful for communication in general. Particularly for complex ideas and problems.’

– ‘Increased my confidence in being able to get started on a report or article and being able to get my ideas down in a form that is clear and workable.’

– ‘I thought it was clear and well structured. I appreciated the opportunity to actively improve a piece of writing I am working on at the moment.’

– ‘It was useful, easy to learn, well structured, well timed and well balanced.’

– ‘The workshop is well-structured, containing various activities, such as presentation, group discussion, and subgroup discussion. People are effectively involved in the workshop.’

– ‘A lot was covered in the two days and provided good coverage of what clearly is a huge topic.’

– ‘A good spacing of lectures and workshop activities where people are more likely to contribute.’