In-House workshops

In-House workshops are held at your facility, or at any suitable venue in Australia. Existing or additional Modules can be tailored to cater for different needs in formats ranging from half-day through to 3 day workshops.


In order to arrange a tailored workshop, you can choose from a range of different Modules and we can discuss options for developing new topics. Please refer to Course outline for further information.

Workshop preparation and post-evaluation

Prior to the workshop we ask participants to complete a Writing Skills Survey so that we can be aware of general expectations and needs. During the workshop participants are asked to write, edit or rewrite small sections of text.

We review samples previously written by the participants. With the permission of the author, some samples may be used within the workshop as relevant examples of current science writing. All material submitted to Writing Clear Science is kept confidential.

At the completion of the workshop a short Evaluation and Feedback Survey is conducted and approximately 3-4 days after the workshop we provide you with an Evaluation and Feedback Report. This report also includes a summary of the initial Writing Skills Survey and the participants’ feedback.


Our charges for hosting a workshop vary according to the number of staff that attend. Our minimum workshop size is 6, while the maximum is usually 15. Fees for larger workshops can be negotiated. For further information on costs and available dates please contact us.