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How to be an Efficient (Science) Writer  

- Membership features -

* The Self-Study Membership allows students to access the entire online course and complete their learning independently.

* The Premium Membership provides additional training, support and feedback by Dr Marina Hurley. See below for further details.

Membership Features

Self-Study Membership

The self-study membership gives you 12 months access to the entire online course library. 

Premium Membership

In addition to 12 months access to the entire online course library, further training is provided by Dr Marina Hurley. You will receive written feedback on your writing exercise answers, access to the online tutorial group, and participation in live tutorial and Q&A webinars.

Premium Membership Bonuses

- A colour-printed, ring-bound copy of all course handouts and worksheets.

- 12 month subscription to the Daily Writing Tips email newsletter.

- 50% discount on 1 future course enrolment if you submit all writing exercise answers for feedback.

Course Fees

Self - study members

12 months immediate access to the course library. Self-guided learning with email technical support available Mon-Fri.



  • Immediate start.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • 1 year access to Course Library.
  • Writing Exercises (with example answers).
  • Downloadable worksheets & course guide handouts. 
Premium Members 

Next release: 28th October. 12 months access to the course library, live Q&A webinars and online tutorial group. Marina also gives feedback on your writing exercise answers. 



  • 4 modules released over 4 weeks.
  • Tutorial Group & 4 Tutorial Webinars.
  • 1 year access to Course Library.
  • Feedback on Writing Exercises 
  • Downloadable worksheets & handouts. 
  • Monthly live Q&A Webinars.

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